An addition to the charcuteries made from pork raised without antibiotics: Chorizo!

The thin sliced deli meats in the Fantino & Mondello sandwich line never compromise on quality or flavour. Made from pork raised without antibiotics, the recipes for the products in this line are flavourful and prepared according to true Italian tradition.

Original bold flavours

To our Black Pepper Capicollo, Genoa Salami, Original Pancetta and Sweet Pepper Salami from the charcuterie line made from pork raised without antibiotics, we add our signature Chorizo, with a unique taste.

The flavours of Italy on your plate!

Try our gourmet sandwich recipes. Concocted by a chef, they’re simple to prepare. Whether you’re in the mood for something tender or crunchy, Fantino & Mondello has the recipe for you! Discover these on our website.