New: we’re adding Chorizo to our dry sausages line!

The perfect snack for a busy lifestyle!

Fantino&Mondello is proud to launch its Chorizo dry sausage twin-pack. This product is additional to the existing line of Pepperoni and Cacciatore salami dry sausage twin-packs.

Our conveniently Chorizo sausage adds delectable flavour to your favourite home-cooked meal, or is delightful enjoyed on its own.

The small sausage twin pack is an ideal and practical snack for outdoor activities. Going hiking or snowshoeing? Bring along some Fantino & Mondello Chorizo sausage and you’ll definitely make friends on your adventure!

  • Premium quality
  • Gluten-free
  • Practical 225 g twin-pack format

For more information about our Chorizo sausage, click here!