Mini grilled cheese with Original Salametti


According to the number of guests


5 minutes


10 minutes

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  • Slices of ciabatta or other sliced bread of your choice
  • Blend of grated mozzarella and Swiss cheese, or other sliced cheese
  • Thin-sliced Original Salametti
  • Butter


  1. Slice the ciabatta bread.
  2. Generously butter both sides of the bread slices.
  3. On one slice of bread, alternate: cheese, Salametti, cheese, then top with another slice of bread.
  4. Sauté in a cast iron pan or on an aluminium tray on the grill or over a wood fire. Heat until the bread is golden brown. Turn over to grill the other side and melt the cheese. If you use larger slices of bread, use a spatula to slightly flatten the sandwich and hold it together.


Do you enjoy foods with a little zing? Add in a little Calabrese Salametti! Enjoy!

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